The best deal you’ll find on a KYK Genesis…

by admin on September 18, 2009

Hey everybody,

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for more information on specifically what’s the best place to buy the KYK Genesis.  There are different vendors competing all over, and there are definitely some good deals out there.  But after doing some research, we found that the best offer was from the store, which is running a really good deal right now.

When you buy from Ionizer Oasis they’ll give you both replacement filters (The Activated Carbon filter, and the Specialized Media filter) FREE, which saves over $125.  Plus they offer free shipping and handling, which most sites don’t.  This often costs upwards of $50 or more, depending where you live.  It’s a great deal.  If you want to view the KYK Genesis water ionizer at their store, just click that link.

If the offer changes, please email us to let us know and we’ll do an update!

*UPDATE* – The deal at Ionizer Oasis is even better now, as of September 25th 2009.  Now they’re offering both replacement filters (Activated Carbon and Specialized Media) plus an H2Go portable alkalizer, and an ionizer plate protectant.  All that is combined with free shipping.  The total package value is over $320.  If you don’t have a Genesis yet, take advantage of this now, because who knows how long it’ll be available!  It’s by far the best deal you’ll find on the best ionizer in the market.  Get your KYK Genesis at Ionizer Oasis!


Why drink from a water ionizer at all?

by Joree on July 17, 2009

Ionized Alkaline Water is a Powerful Antioxidant.
Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into an antioxidant with a NEGATIVE ORP (or charge), which retards the aging process. Put simply, a high or rising ORP causes oxidation of our cells and therefore aging. The negative ORP of ionized water literally retards the aging process by counteracting this rising ORP. KYK Genesis water ionizer essentially renews us at a cellular level. For instance, real fresh squeezed orange juice has a negative ORP of -250. So does KYK Genesis water. Although we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice in a day, we can drink as much ionized water as we wish to a day.

Ionized Alkaline Water is full of Oxygen.
The other antioxidant quality of ionized water is hydroxyl ions. These are oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached to them as are all antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Hydroxyl ions scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause damage to us. Once the hydroxyl antioxidant and free radical have canceled each other, the result is that the body is provided with lots of oxygen and therefore lots of energy.

Oxygen is one of the most exhausted nutrients in our body because of our diet and the Earth’s oxygen-depleted environment today. Oxygen destroys cancer cells as well as bacteria and viruses invading the body. It carries away acid waste from body tissue. It is vital to human health, perhaps our most important nutrient. A glass of strong KYK Genesis ionized water first thing in the morning naturally helps you to wake up.

Ionized Alkaline Water is up to six times more Hydrating than regular water.
Water is one of the most important elements in the body, which is over 80% water. Ionized Water is fundamentally different from conventional water. This is because the size and shape of the water molecule cluster has reduced in size and change in shape to hexagonal, which allows the water cluster to pass through our tissue more easily. One of the primary causes of disease is chronic cellular dehydration, a condition, which leaves the body’s cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defense. Drinking ionized water helps with this condition. The KYK Genesis water ionizer has several levels of strength so people who are toxic can begin by drinking mild ionized water, slowly drinking it stronger as they acclimate to it.


KYK 30000 Water Ionizer from

July 16, 2009

These are excerpts taken from Let’s see what they have to say:
The KYK 30000 Water Ionizer is the editor’s choice because it is on-par or beyond the other water ionizers in terms of features, yet the cost of the unit and replacement filters are still the lowest. The old adage “you get what you [...]

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KYK 7 Plate Water Ionizer Discussion by Robert Dave Johnston

July 15, 2009

Now let’s talk about the KYK 7 Plate Water Ionizers and its wonderful functions. On this article, Mr. Robert Dave Johnston, A world renowned editor and webmaster of Fitness through Fasting, talks about the benefits of the KYK 7 Plate Water Ionizers.
KYK 7 Plate Water Ionizer: Buy the KYK 7 Plate Water Ionizer
Buy KYK 7 [...]

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KYK Genesis 3000 Review!

July 14, 2009

Official KYK Genesis 3000 Review!
My family purchased our first water ionizer, the KYK Genesis 3000 about 6 months ago.  We installed it under the sink, and since then all of our water has been filtered through the KYK Genesis 3000.  The installation wasn’t anything too difficult… to be honest, I’ve bought tables from IKEA that [...]

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Why the KYK Genesis is easily one of the best ionizers…

July 13, 2009

The KYK Genesis water ionizer sits proudly amongst the best water ionizers on the market. It is produced by the KYK Co., the number 1 ionizer selling company in Korea, and a leading innovator on water ionizer technology. Through the efforts of companies such as Water for Life USA, this beneficial technology is now available [...]

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KYK Genesis Water Ionizer – Why Buy It?

July 10, 2009

Today, I will discuss about the features that makes KYK Genesis Water Ionizer the best Water Ionizer in the market.
* Cutting edge slotted plate technology! The platinum dipped titanium plates incorporate KYK Genesis’ slotted plate technology, which has the best of all worlds — extremely long life-span, optimal electrolysis and optimal ionization — with none [...]

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